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Who we are

About us

At Arthashatra Finsec Providers Pvt Ltd, we help you manage your finances & investment through personalized solutions based on your distinctive needs, aspirations and risk profile. We leverage our experience & understanding to devise appropriate solution.

AFP was started in 1998 by Aniruddha Sengupta who has nearly 3 decades of experience in diversified Financial services – from capital markets to loans, insurance and Financial Planning.

At AFP, our strength lies in understanding customers’ needs and creating effective and efficient personalized solutions for individuals.

Our Approach

How can we help you?

  • By helping you have a complete grip on your income, expenses, assets, liabilities & risks.
  • By helping you prioritise your expenses and investments.
  • By identifying potential risks and addressing them.
  • Our job is to help you create cashflows even when you may not have an income anymore.
  • And for someone who has already taken care of these things, we will help you create wealth and manage it.

What are
the Common Errors ?

  • Lack of clarity in estimation of target retirement corpus
  • Inadequate and the wrong type of risk cover
  • Owning real estate as an investment
  • Misuse of credit facilities
  • Reliance on long term fixed income products
  • Inadequate allocation to risk-based investments
  • Investing in market linked instruments without adequate research and no clear strategy

How do you manage your Finances?

  • Do you buy investment and insurance products to savetaxes?
  • Do you seek safe investments because you hate risk?
  • Do you buy insurance based on how much you get backon maturity?
  • Do you pay interest on your credit card?
  • Have you ‘invested’ in real estate by taking a loan?
What we offer

Our Services

  • Investment
    • Mutual Funds
    • Direct Equity & Bonds
  • Risk
    • Life Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Accident Insurance
    • Asset Insurance
    • Indemnity For Professionals
  • Taxes
    • Saving Tax On Salary &
      Biz Income
    • Saving Tax On
      Income From Assets
  • Retirement
    • Comprehensive Asset
      Allocation With Protection
      From Inflation, Tax
      Optimisation & Cashflow
  • Estate
    • Creation Of Will & Other
      Strategies For Tranfer
      Of Wealth To Next
  • Workshops
    & Seminars
    & Seminars
    • Sessions For Spreading
      Awareness About
      Personal Finances
  • Loan
    • Home Loan
    • Commercial Property Loan
    • Business Loan
    • Education Loan
  • Do you have any questions?

    Please contact us:
    +91 9967 930 066

What customers say


Aniruddha is a highly organized and meticulous person with a very high focus on “right process”.
He has rich experience of Financial Planning. I can confidently vouch the fact that he has always
kept his client’s interest as the supreme. A great leader, intellectual, trainer, enterprising – Aniruddha is an original thinker.

Business Head,

I have found Aniruddha and his firm to be very responsive to requests and thoroughly professional during our interactions.
I have also been impressed with his knowledge of the markets and the quality of advisory services he is able to provide.I am confident Aniruddha will prove to be a valuable and trusted advisor to his clients.

VP/Managing Director,
Insurance company

I have worked with Aniruddha when he had just launched his career in Financial planning way back in late 1990’s.
I was impressed by Aniruddha’s professionalism and deep knowledge. Since then , I have had business dealings with
him and can say with confidence that he is a professional who can create value for his clients.

Founder & CEO,
RTM Solutions Consultancy

There are very few people in this world who you can trust when it’s about money and finance.
Aniruddha is one of those who brings that trust on board from the first meeting itself. I have had
great experience with him and always wish him best for all his future endeavors.

Film Maker,
Advertising Professional
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