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About Us

US based Technocrat and NRI

I first met Aniruddha more than 14 years ago when he was early in his career as a financial services professional and helping my father with some investments. Since then I have worked directly with him as well. I have found Aniruddha and Arthashastra to be very responsive to requests and thoroughly professional during our interactions. I have also been impressed with his knowledge of the markets and the quality of advisory services he is able to provide. I am confident Arthashastra will prove to be a valuable and trusted advisor to its clients.

Senior Professional at L&T, Client Since 1998

Aniruddha has provided great value to me as a Financial Advisor cum friend. He is very thorough in his work and demonstrates a very professional approach in every interaction and every transaction. I wish him & his company Arthashastra FPPL good luck to grow into a true name to reckon with.